Wednesday, 1 June 2016

What to Do If You Are Considering Law School

Today, many college graduates are considering law school. Many Ohioans, for example dream of becoming a Cincinnati criminal defense attorney, since a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer is well-paid and usually well respected throughout the area. However, in order to become a well-respected lawyer, you must go to school first. There are many things that must be accomplished however before one can even think about what it will be like in a law school classroom. If one is considering law school, they should start the application process late in their third year of undergraduate study or very early in the fourth year of undergraduate study. Here is a list and description of each item that must be completed in order to send an application to any accredited law school:
1. The first thing that should be accomplished is taking the LSAT. The LSAT, is much like the SAT students take before applying to undergraduate universities to test their aptitude. The LSAT is the same kind of test as it measures what the individual knows and it is thought to be an indicator as to how well the individual will do in law school. The average score on the LSAT is a 150.
2. The law school applicant also needs to have family friends, employers, or faculty from their undergraduate school write letters of recommendation. The applicant may also choose to write the letters his or her self and have them signed and approved by those listed above.
3. The applicant also needs to have an official transcript from their undergraduate career sent to each school applied to. From the transcript, people making the admittance decision can tell the kind of work ethic the applicant has and they can tell how much the applicant applied him or her self during their undergraduate career. Obviously, a person with good grades illustrates they did the work that was necessary to receive high grades and therefore that person will probably do the same in law school.
4. Most law schools also require the applicant write a few essays. The reason for this is that it is important in law school and in the law profession to have excellent writing skills. The essays are another indicator of what writing skills the applicant currently has and whether or not those skills are in line with what is required in law school.
5. Some law schools require resumes with the application, while others do not. It is always best to double check with each school to make sure the individual knows which schools require one and which do not.
As with every kind of application, whether for a job, graduate school, or undergraduate school it is always best to double check each school's application requirements to make sure they are met. Also, it is best to read the application several times during the application process to ensure the applicant is on track with their requirements. The process and requirements may seem overwhelming at first glance, but when each item is completed over the span of a few months there is not too much to do. The best thing to do is to start working on the application early and work through it at a reasonable, but timely pace so the applicant is not completely overwhelmed.
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